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Wildland Trekking used Trustpilot's widget to get Rich Snippets stars to show up in organic search, increasing traffic by 13%.

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With Trustpilot, LJ Strategies and Best Bee Brothers increased website sales by 150% and website conversions by 25%.

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Protect your brand with honest reviews by reporting false ones and easily replying to customer feedback.
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Trustpilot’s integrations help you collect and
show your great reviews, anywhere.
“Trustpilot allows us to get much closer to our customers and builds trust in the Sage brand from the moment a customer visits our website all the way through the entire customer journey.”
Michael Tully
Customer Experience Manager
“Trustpilot reviews allow us to identify which areas of the business are doing well, and highlight our most obvious pain points using the heat maps. Collecting consumer insights with Trustpilot has been a game-changer for us.”
Ellie Newstead
Customer Success Analyst